Terrain Subscription Services

What We Do

Terrain Subscription Services allows game stores of all sizes to have access to a huge library of high-quality, thematic terrain for use in Warhammer 40,000 games without having to buy, maintain, and store it on-site.

Benefits to your business include:

  • Fully painted, high-quality terrain is a draw for customers
  • Getting new terrain every two months gives your customers a reason to keep visiting the store, driving additional sales
  • Limited on-site storage means you get a larger variety of terrain without giving up precious storage or floor space
  • Normal wear and tear on terrain is taken care of for you at no additional cost

How It Works

Every three months, a box full of themed terrain (including a 6'x4' gaming mat) is mailed directly to your store. When you receive the shipment, simply use the new box to send the last set of terrain back to Terrain Subscription Services using the prepaid shipping label.

Subscription Pricing

The cost of this service is between $65 and $85 per month, depending on shipping costs. This includes all normal maintenance. The map below can be used to estimate shipping costs. The higher the zone number, the more it will cost to ship to your store. For an exact price quote, feel free to contact us.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or want more information about this service, contact us at any time.

email: joe@terrainsubs.com

phone: (210) 595-9039

Our Tables

The images below show some of our current inventory of tables. Keep checking back as we add more!